On Becoming A “Local”

As some are aware, I grew up in the middle aka a tiny town in Southern Indiana.  I’ve only lived on the Eastern Shore since 2013.  I am seen by a lot of people in the area as an outsider, but I have slowly been integrating into a local.  As a local, I have a few favorite local places to eat/drink.

My wife introduced me to Suicide Bridge in the Spring of 2013.  I wasn’t too impressed by it at the time.  In my defense I had a terrible cold and felt awful.  We went again in the fall of 2013 taking a Sunday lunch cruise on one of their paddle boats.  Again…I was sick coming down with an upper respiratory infection.  I didn’t enjoy it at all. It wasn’t that the food was bad, I just didn’t get the big deal.

Valentine’s Day 2014, the wife and I were a fairly newly engaged couple.  She begged to go to this Suicide Bridge.  I relented.  I loved it.  It’s amazing how your view on a place changes when you aren’t ill. We have celebrated two more Valentine’s Day since then, also a Mother’s Day cruise with my Mother-in-Law, and just for the hell of it.   I’ve never had a bad meal there. My favorite has been the Steak Oscar…a steak topped with crab meat and hollandaise served with asparagus.  They also have a potato of the day.

There are beautiful views of the water and a Friday night buffet.  Along with the good food, there is a legend about the Suicide Bridge that you must cross to get to the restaurant.   You can read about it here.




Turkey Time

A few weeks ago I went out adventuring around Dorchester County with a good friend.  We went to Blackwater, the Lighthouse, around town, and some of the back roads.  While we were on Egypt Road headed back from Blackwater, we came across a sizeable flock of wild turkeys.  We stopped for this awesome photo op and I didn’t really mess with my photos from that day until recently.

I played with my photos in Lightroom; zooming, cropping, and color adjusting.  When I was done, I came up with this turkey shot.

Golly Gobbler

Golly Gobbler

I think he is pretty awesome, but makes me ready for a good turkey dinner!

Evening Drive

The wife and I took a drive out to Hooper’s Island last evening.  It’s a nice drive with lots of wildlife and it takes us through part of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.   It’s been very hot and humid lately so the birds are staying mostly hidden.  I can’t say as I blame them.

Hooper’s is an interesting place to a native Midwesterner like me.  It has that small town America vibe; I guess that’s because it is such a small community. On the other hand, I am fascinated by all the boats, crab pots, and other apparatus around that the watermen use to bring us all great fresh seafood.  There is also the gambit of very nice homes, campers, house trailers, to dilapidated, falling down around them homes.   There is always one building that always peeks my interest the most. It doesn’t look like it has been touched in years.  There are still intact, sun faded displays inside of it.  It looks like three quarters of a  Quonset hut.  My wife said it’s been closed as long as she can remember.

I would love to find out the history of the Hooper’s Island Hardware company. Why it closed…When it opened…who owned it?  These are my unanswered questions.  I shall have to go to the library and do some research and get back on this subject another day.

Long Time No See

It has been a long time since I have posted.  After attending several wonderful workshops this weekend, I have decided to blow the dust off this blog and I am going to, try, to post at least one post a week.

You make get more, you may get less.

It’s been two years since I last posted. What is new with me, you ask? I survived my wedding in December of 2014. After that, you could say my life has gone to the dogs.   The wife and I got a dog. Fostered a dog, fostered another dog, then fostered another dog that we made part of our family, then fostered yet another dog.

Nap Time

The weather has been hot.  I haven’t wanted to go out with my camera.  I want to sit in the comfort of my office area, in the AC, and edit.  The problem of that is…you run out of photos to edit eventually, unless you are a freelance editor.   The biggest dilemma is I have waited now till the heat index is climbing into triple digits and even wildlife subjects are staying in the shade. I have managed to get a few photos, despite the heat and my procrastination.

Chesapeake Sunset

Chesapeake Sunset – Playing with Photoshop with this one. I like the dramatic sky.


Spring is in the air!

There has been very nice weather on the Easter Shore of Maryland the last couple of days.  I’ve been loving it and have developed a serious case of spring fever.  When going out shooting, hearing the red winged blackbirds calling out has been refreshing.  Last evening I saw a robin.  Sadly it would not sit still so I could get a shot.  I have managed to get some spectacular sunset shots this week and my personal favorites: silhouettes and reflections.

1/60ƒ/4ISO 40075 mm

1/60ƒ/4ISO 40075 mm

1/400  f/10;   ISO 200 75mm

1/400 sec;   f/10;   ISO 200 75mm 1/400 sec; f/10; ISO 200 75mm


These are some of my favorites of the silhouettes and reflections I have taken so far this week.  The water wasn’t as still yesterday as it was on Tuesday.  I will be going back out this evening and will see how that goes.   I am also in search of something for next week’s topic on Flickr…Close up.  This weeks motion photo was befuddling but thanks to some rather nasty bird type friends, I managed to get my shot.




Motion – 1/200ƒ/6.3ISO 200140 mm

My valentines shot.  Settings: 1/60 ƒ/27 ISO 200 29 mm

My valentines shot. Settings: 1/60 ƒ/27 ISO 200 29 mm

In other news last weeks photo for Flickr,  I entered in a contest and won! The prize was a 425 gift card for Amazon. (Always useful!) I was really surprised and pleased. The news made me want to get  out there more with the camera and shoot away.

Last but not least I will end this week on a beautiful sunset.

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers! The theme this week is of course Valentines.  I liked my photo a lot this week.   I used my sweeties valentine gifts for the shot.

My valentines shot.  Settings: 1/60 ƒ/27 ISO 200 29 mm

My valentines shot. Settings: 1/60 ƒ/27 ISO 200 29 mm

There was an American White Pelican at Blackwater last week.  I was excited to see it.  I had never seen a pelican in person before.  It is almost out of focal range of the lenes I had with me, but I had to take a few shots.

I think the Heron's were jealous I was ignoring them.  This guy snuck into my shot with the Pelican.

I think the Heron’s were jealous I was ignoring them. This guy snuck into my shot with the Pelican.


Polar Vortex


View from the front door.

The Polar Vortex has returned and it brought snow with it. It is always a joy to dig a car out of the snow in a -10F windchill environment. (And for those of you who don’t know me, that is sarcasm.) After I got the lady dug out and on her way to work, I finished digging out her parking spot. I took a quick shot from the doorway when I was done and declared it too cold to go out chasing wild birds. I hadn’t turned in my Flickr group project this week and it was a great day to stay indoors and work on it.

Sadie looking regal

Sadie looking regal

This week’s theme was “Toys.” I’ve taken many shots of various toys since Sunday and have not been pleased with any of them. Rosy says I am too critical of my work, but if I am not happy with it how do I expect other people to enjoy it.

The furry children aka the cats were playing with an obnoxious toy I mistakenly bought them a while back thinking it would be “fun.” It is a giant stuffed grasshopper that chirps when batted…not best toy to have brought to you in bed at 3:00am, but I digress…

Thrall in black and white

Thrall in black and white

Sadie was in a particularly good mood yesterday and let me pose her. She was very good about letting set her up with the toy, Thrall not so much. The third kitty was no where to be found.



This is what I came up with as the winner:

Sadie being playful with her toy

Sadie being playful with her toy




Snow Geese

New Year, New Attitude


Raindrops on my Fiance’s windshield.
Camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
Exposure 0.001 sec (1/1000)
Aperture f/4.5
Focal Length 33 mm
ISO Speed 100

It sucks to be an uninspired photographer…That is what I have been for the last few months.  I’ve been looking for inspiration in so many places. I have joined a year long photo project on Flikr and I must say it has my creative juices flowing a bit again.  I’m not there 100%, but it is a start.



Snow Geese

Snow Geese used for my Snow topic this week on Flickr.
Camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
Exposure 0.001 sec (1/1600)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 240 mm
ISO Speed 400



There has been snow geese at Blackwater the last few weeks.  They have been beautiful to look at and fun to photograph.  I keep hoping to happen upon the tundra swans.  I want capture them this season.  I have never need a swan in person.  I’ve always thought they were very beautiful birds.


I am going into Washington DC this weekend and to the American History Museum.  I’ve not been in DC for photo opportunities since December of 2011. I will be looking for more inspiration there.

New Years

My first photo of the New Year. The theme was New Years.
Camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
Exposure 0.022 sec (1/45)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 53 mm
ISO Speed 200


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388I really should update this more often.  I have a lot to say but, never seem to take the time.  My mind is full of thoughts today, that I wish to share with you.

I, like many people, am very unhappy with congress currently.  I just spent a glorious weekend get away at Shenandoah National Park. I’m so glad I went this past weekend as all of our beautiful National lands are closed. I 238was planning on going again in mid October to to catch the leaves at peak color.  I am hoping that this is over soon.  It is almost migration as well at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.   With this shut down people are missing out on such great treasures.  So sad…

263I have always been a lover of nature and animals.  There were woods all around my house growing up. I spent many hours has a child exploring, hiking, and playing in them.  When I wasn’t playing in the woods, I was fishing in the small pond we had.

In my last post I promised an eagle photo.  I have finally captured one.


He was sitting there waiting on me! haha

Monday of last week I caught a pretty awesome sunset over338 the marsh.  Enjoy!

Until next time…


I thought it would be cool to write about the paces I shoot on occasion.  In my head this could give you a better ideal of who I am and what I am about.

I love to shoot nature and landscapes.  The world still offeres so much beauty that hasn’t been urbanized yet and I determined to capture as much as I can of it.  There is a pond at the entrance of my girlfriends street…there was a Great Blue Heron in it eating a frog last night and I was so in awe…despite teh day before I had seen and photographed serveral Blue Herons.  They are great beautiful birds.

This past Sunday was a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and I adventured to the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge.  It was an awesome place.  I saw so many creatures in the wild I had American Cootonly seen in the zoo, TV, or books/pictures.  I saw five Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagals.  I am looking forward to going back with a better zoom lense so I can catch the Eagals on my own prints.  I also saw Muskrats swimming around and discovered a new bird I had never even heard of…the American Coot. The coots facinated me.  They were so black, but had blood red eyes.  The eyes showed up so great on “film” .  I was really impressed with how well they showed up.

There is a trip planned to Assateague Island  soon to see the wild horses and I am looking forward to this photo oppertunity and sharing it with you.